Bourbon Bacon Pork Shoulder

We may have just discovered a spectacular new  New Years Eve tradition, “Bourbon, Bacon Pork Shoulder”!  Typically we prepare Corned Beef in the slow cooker but frankly it’s getting a bit boring so we stepped it up a bit.  I love Bourbon and who doesn’t love bacon?  It was really quite simple.  We chose a 7lb cut since we love leftovers.  Actually most of them go to our daughters families.  Start with a spice rub of garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt , pepper, brown sugar, thyme and a few secret ingredients rubbed into the shoulder the night before and refrigerate. The next morning simply place it in the slow cooker fat side up with about a 1/2 cup of Bourbon (or Rye Whiskey)  and set it to low for 8 hours and walk away .  Check it around 4pm, chop up a pound of thick cut bacon ( we used a maple cured) and fry to crispy. When the shoulder is falling apart  (about another hour or so) lift it out of the cooker, discard the juices then shred the meat.  Replace it in the cooker and add a cup of bourbon, the crispy  bacon and 20-24 ounces of your favorite sweet BBQ sauce.   Set it to warm and prepare your coleslaw and baked beans and get your buns warmed.  Now it gets very personal.  What to drink with it?  We chose a Red Zinfandel on the smoother but heavier side, you need something that can stand up to the intense flavors. .  You absolutely could just sip bourbon with this which I  plan to do next time, just for fun.  Either way, don’t skimp on your choice, this dish deserves a great adult beverage companion.  Serve  with a bit of BBQ sauce warmed on the side and enjoy the New Years evening!  Cheers!!

Posted on January 1, 2019 at 5:12 pm
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I love a great kitchen!

I love a great kitchen!

My wife and I just moved into a new home and the biggest improvement is the kitchen.  Wow!  What a difference a gas range can make.  We both love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it needs to be big, with plenty of cabinet and countertop space but it also needs to be workable.  My wife Tara and I can actually cook in the same kitchen, at the same time together!  I know, this is not normal but it’s been that way for over 20 years.   If you enjoy cooking and entertaining like we do then the kitchen is crucial.

Buying a new home!

Most newer homes have larger more open and better appointed kitchens with side by side refrigerators, gas ranges, hood vents,  granite or quartz countertops and soft close cabinets.  Most older homes don’t have these features and aren’t as likely to sell for a good price.  However lately, many older homes have been remodeled to include these amenities and it can make a world of difference.


We also love to enjoy a fine wine with our meals and need plenty of space for wine and stemware.  Look for my next blogs on great wines and how to grow your appreciation for pairing your meals with fun and delicious wines.  Cheers!

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Elected to the Lewis & Clark Neighborhood Council

On September 7th I attended my first Lewis and Clark Neighborhood meeting.   We heard from members of law enforcement, local Government and our public schools.  Subsequently, I was elected to the Neighborhood Council along with 5 other neighbors and later in September appointed spokesperson. In addition I look forward attending the monthly Missoula City Council Neighborhood meetings and speaking on their behalf.  As my wife and I are new to the neighborhood it’s an exciting opportunity to contribute to this wonderful community and get to know our neighbors.

Finally, for those of you in the neighborhood please feel free to contact me with your concerns, comments or questions.  I’m happy to listen and help.

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Climate Smart Missoula

Last night I attended my second “Climate Smart Missoula” meeting at Imagine Nation Brewery where the group discussed the demand for more energy efficient homes, greater awareness of our “Greenhouse Gas Inventory” in the valley,  and some very creative ideas on how the community can decrease their energy consumption and save money!  Great conversation and great beer, the sparkling lager is turning into one of my favorites.  If you’re concerned about our environment and the current state our protection of it visit the Climate Smart Missoula site.

Posted on April 7, 2017 at 2:02 pm
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